Get a custom YouTube channel address

You can get a YouTube vanity URL or – in other words – a custom channel address once your channel hits 100 subscribers. In this video I celebrate hitting 100 subscribers on this channel and show you how to set up your own channel with a vanity URL. It’s easy, I promise!

Here’s how to get your very own YouTube vanity URL! That’s the kind of YouTube address that a normal human can read and remember.


To get started, simply pop into YouTube studio.

In the left hand menu, click through to customise your channel.

This is where you change the look and feel of your channel, like which videos appear on your channel home page.

Skipping across to branding you can set up your channel logo and banner. But not your channel URL. That one lives under basic info.

Once you’re eligible to get your very own channel URL, you’ll see the option to “Set a custom URL for your channel”.

It takes a couple of days from when you hit a 100 subscribers until that option shows up. So if it’s not there yet, just wait a little.

If you want to make a custom URL, you can do that too. You’re still stuck with your channel name as part of the URL, but you can add more letters and numbers after it. No spaces or special characters though.

Once you’re ready to lock in that new channel URL, just head up to the top right corner and smash the publish button.

YouTube will quickly check that you’re happy with the URL, and once you hit confirm, the new channel address is locked in.

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