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How to build a SharePoint page – complete tutorial

So, you’re at work and you get told you will need to build a SharePoint intranet page. And you go like “whaaaaat?”

How to build a SharePoint page in 20 minutes!

In this tech tutorial from Pixamoo we will walk you through how you build a modern SharePoint page from start to finish, and we’ll show you how you can make it look much better than your average intranet page.

We’ll explain SharePoint templates, the page building blocks or web parts that are available in SharePoint, and how to configure the SharePoint page headerHow to actually build the page.

Then we’ll move on to how you can make the most of columns in SharePoint pages, text formatting and how to make your intranet page easy to read Creative intranet page layouts.

Finally, we look at publishing your SharePoint intranet page and how you can spiffy it up just a little more.

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