How to cancel automatic payments in your PayPal Business account

If you have a PayPal business account, you might be struggling if you need to cancel a subscription or automatic payment.

The problem is, that the way to do this is different than personal PayPal accounts, so the instructions you find by googling this probably won’t match what you’re seeing in your PayPal account.

To keep track of your personal finances, it’s always good to review any automatic payments coming out of your accounts, including through PayPal.

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To cancel an automatic payment agreement from within your PayPal Business account:

  1. Hover over your profile name in the top-right corner, then click on account settings.
  2. From here, click on money, bank accounts and cards in the left-hand menu under business profile.
  3. Then, scroll down until you find automatic payments towards the bottom of the page, and click on manage automatic payments.
  4. By default, you will only see about eight automatic payments, so if you don’t see the one you want to cancel, then just click the see more button.
  5. Click on the payment you would like to cancel. Over on the right, you’ll see that this payment is active. To remove it, click the cancel button.
  6. Next confirm that you actually do want to cancel this payment, and that’s it.

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