How to roll back any file in OneDrive – OneDrive version history tutorial

OneDrive will let you undo any changes to your files for the last 30 days. And the great thing is, this works for both free and paid plans.

That means, if you accidentally change something in a file and you can’t undo it, you have the option to go back to a previous version of the file and get it back. This should also work if a file has broken and you can’t open it all of a sudden.

This video shows you how to use OneDrive version history to get back an older version of a file!

Video transcript

On a computer, you have two options to get back to a previous version of your file.

Here in File Explorer, I will just right click the file that I need to roll back, and then select VERSION HISTORY.

OneDrive normally makes a new version of a file every time you save it.

Looking through the list, here’s the version I want.

Clicking on the three dots here, I have the option to either DOWNLOAD the file or RESTORE that version see.

If I select RESTORE, OneDrive makes a copy of that particular version and turns it into the newest version of the file again. None of the versions will actually get deleted. So that means, it’s no stress if you roll back to the wrong version. You can always roll back to another one.

Here in the browser version of OneDrive, it’s pretty much the same.

I will right click the file I want to roll back and go to VERSION HISTORY. This tab shows me the available versions of
the file. And if I click on the three dots there will be two options, with one of them being slightly different to what we saw in File Explorer.

Here I have the option to either OPEN the file — or RESTORE it. And that’s all there is to it.

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