Master your SharePoint news feed with category filters

We show you a simple way to filter and display SharePoint news posts by category. This way, you can set up news feeds on your site(s) to display specific types of news posts in specific locations.

Managing a SharePoint site can sometimes get a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to organizing the influx of news posts. As your site grows, you may want to filter and categorize news posts to ensure that relevant information gets the prominence it deserves and reaches the right audience.

In this post, we will introduce you to a simple, step-by-step process for filtering and displaying SharePoint news posts by category. This way, you can set up news feeds on your site(s) to display specific types of news posts in specific locations.

We’ve included a step-by-step guide below… Or you can just watch this video tutorial on how to categorise SharePoint news posts

Why Use Categories for SharePoint News Posts?

Categorizing news posts in SharePoint offers several benefits for site managers and visitors alike:

  1. Improved organization: By categorizing news posts, you can keep your site clean and well-organized, making it easier for users to find relevant information.
  2. Enhanced user experience: Filtering news posts by category helps users quickly locate the content they are interested in without having to sift through a cluttered news feed.
  3. Efficient communication: By tagging news posts with specific categories, you can ensure that important updates reach their target audience, enhancing the flow of information within your organization.

How to Filter SharePoint News Posts by Category

Follow these steps to filter SharePoint news posts by category. In this example, we are setting up a news feed that will display management updates only.

  1. Access Site Contents:
    • Locate the cogwheel/gear icon in the top right corner and click on it.
    • Click on “Site Contents” and navigate to “Site Pages.”
  2. Create a new column:
    • Click on “Add Column” and choose “Choice” for more flexibility.
    • Name your column “news category” and add your desired choice, such as “management update.”
    • Save the column.
  3. Tag news items with the new category:
    • Choose the news posts you want to tag as “management updates.”
    • Click on “Properties” and add the “management update” category to the selected news posts.
    • Publish the tagged news posts.
  4. Edit the news web part:
    • Return to the site home page and enter edit mode.
    • Update the news feed title to “management updates.”
    • Click the pencil button to configure the news web part.
  5. Filter news posts by category:
    • Change the news source to display only news from the current site.
    • Navigate to “Filters” and choose “Page properties.”
    • Select “news category” as the property.
    • Set the filter to display news posts with the category “management update.”
    • Republish the page to display the filtered news posts.
  6. Add new news posts with the category:
    • Click “+New” and select “news post.”
    • Choose a blank template and create your news post.
    • Click on “Page details” and set the “news category” to “management update.”
    • Publish the news post.
  7. Edit or remove the category from news posts:
    • To change or remove the category, click “Edit” on the news post.
    • Navigate to “Page details” and update or clear the “news category.”
    • Update and publish the news post.

Now your SharePoint news feed will display only news posts tagged with the “management update” category.

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