We 💖 SharePoint

and you will love it too, once we’re done with you

Your corporate intranet is possibly your most important internal communication and information channel. Whether your staff is in an office or in the field – or both – they need access to information that will help them do their job. That information needs to be available to your people whenever and wherever they need it, and it should be relevant to the task at hand.

Here at Pixamoo we’ve spent years working with SharePoint, tinkering, trying to break it and make it better. You could say we’ve built up more than a bit of experience in bending SharePoint app to the needs of our clients. Well, now we’re going to share our experience with you!

We’ve put together a growing collection of tutorials for you. Stick with us, as this here is going to turn into a bit of a masterclass (if we may say so ourselves).

How to build SharePoint pages


Building pages site pages has become exceedingly easy over the past few years. If your organisation is on modern SharePoint, building an intranet page is as easy as dragging and dropping building blocks into place and filling them with content. To get started, check our introductory video tutorials:

How to publish news in SharePoint

News publishing

Publishing news posts is super easy. Sometimes too easy. So, we’re going to talk you through the basics of news posting, including the difference between news posts and site pages, as well as news links. This series of tutorials is a work in progress, but by the time we’re done, and you’ve watched all four videos, you’ll be a news publishing expert!

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