This FREE AI trick fixes YouTube captions in seconds

YouTube doesn’t add punctuation to autogenerated video captions. So, whenever I publish a video, I used to end up spending 15-20 minutes just adding full stops and commas.

This bugs me… With all the advanced tools out there, like ChatGPT, how hard could it be to generate the punctuation in the first place?

Speaking of which: Did you know, you can use ChatGPT to add punctuation to YouTube’s automatic captions? 😅

To see it in action, watch our latest video below, of keep scrolling for a written step-by-step guide.

How to fix up your YouTube captions using ChatGPT

  • In YouTube Studio, go to your video, then hit the Subtitles tab. You’ll see an entry for the automatic subtitles YouTube has made for you.
  • Select Duplicate and Edit to make a copy of the original subtitles.
  • Copy these automatic captions, then switch to ChatGPT.
  • Instruct ChatGPT to proofread your YouTube transcript and to add punctuation. The prompt can be something like, You are a proofreader. Add punctuation to the following text:
  • Paste in the automatic captions and hit enter.
  • Copy the now neatly punctuated text from ChatGPT and head back to YouTube.
  • Paste the improved text into the subtitle track, ensure it updates properly, and then hit ‘Publish’.
  • To save a bit more time, you can also get ChatGPT to generate a video title, description and tags based on the subtitles.

Using ChatGPT to punctuate your captioning is incredibly straightforward, and once again I can’t for the life of me understand why YouTube doesn’t just add punctuation in the first place… Until then, yay for ChatGPT!

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